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Hey, I'm Shalin! I've been in the fitness industry for over five years and I decided to start this fitness website for others that struggled like I did when I started my fitness journey. Being healthy is about more than just our bodies, it's about our mental health as well. Within our incredibly faced paced society where our work and office jobs take over the majority of our days, it is so understandable that we forget the importance of well-being and let the stress of work occupy our days. That's why I decided to make this website to aid people with understanding the importance of fitness and eating habits in both physical and mental wellbeing. We all know that starting that fitness journey is daunting and I have personally been through that. I remember searching pages upon pages for what to eat, what workouts to do for what muscle and of course what supplements to get. That's why this website was created as a one stop shop for all the information you need to start your fitness journey!

The Best Cable Chest Exercises to Build a Strong and Muscular Chest

Best Cable Chest Exercises

The standard bench press happens to be everyone’s go-to exercise when it comes to targeting the chest. And although it is effective, you need to start including cable chest exercises as they provide constant tension throughout each rep which increases both strength and size. In fact, cables allow for greater muscle activation, minimise injuries, and

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