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Hey, I'm Shalin! I've been in the fitness industry for over five years and I decided to start this fitness website for others that struggled like I did when I started my fitness journey. Being healthy is about more than just our bodies, it's about our mental health as well. Within our incredibly faced paced society where our work and office jobs take over the majority of our days, it is so understandable that we forget the importance of well-being and let the stress of work occupy our days. That's why I decided to make this website to aid people with understanding the importance of fitness and eating habits in both physical and mental wellbeing. We all know that starting that fitness journey is daunting and I have personally been through that. I remember searching pages upon pages for what to eat, what workouts to do for what muscle and of course what supplements to get. That's why this website was created as a one stop shop for all the information you need to start your fitness journey!

How Many Calories in a Cereal Bowl

Bowl of Cereal

Cereal is one the easiest breakfast options out there which can provide many nutrition’s and satisfy many of our diet requirements. But, how many calories are in a cereal bowl? Well that depends on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for something healthy or something that can satisfy your taste buds? Because while some […]

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The Best Teenage Abs Workout

Teenage abs workout

Whether your goal is to look more attractive or become healthier, training your core is extremely important as it is involved in almost every activity you do. It provides balance, stability, helps in maintaining a better posture, and protects the spine resulting in healthier fitness levels and an overall better structural definition. If your a teenager

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How Many Calories in a Pancake?


How many calories are really in one pancake? Everyone loves a good pancake (or four) occasionally (or everyday, i don’t blame you) but is this scrumptious meal as amazing for our health as it tastes? I seriously HATE that I’m the one to bring this devastating news to you but NO! Pancakes are one of

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Bagel with cream cheese calories

Bagel with cream cheese calories

Bagels are an extremely popular food choice especially for breakfast. But are they healthy? Well I’m here to expose the truth about bagel with cream cheese calories and health factors as well as alternate breakfast choices. So how many calories are in a bagel with cream cheese? A large sized bagel is roughly 130 grams

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Thigh Gaps | Can you get one

Thigh Gap

Though body positivity has definitely been increasing , thigh gaps have definitely been the trending “ideal body type” from 2012. The concept started to become popular because of an aired Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Now 9 years later, the continual increase in social media usage has kept that concept a popular trend alongside hourglass figures. 

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Egg Roll Calories

Egg Roll

Egg Roll Calories are probably a question that comes into your mind when wondering if you can incorporate them into your diet. They are no doubt one of the most amazing deep-fried appetizers, but are they just as amazing for your health?  Unfortunately… That isn’t exactly the case.  Just because they contain egg in them

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The Truth About Teenage Abs

Teenage Abs

Teenage abs? Is that possible? Well, to answer the question simply, YES it is.  Having said that, it isn’t easy, especially as a teenager when your body is still growing and developing. For some teenagers, getting a six pack isn’t as difficult as others. However, Teenage Abs are definitely possible. This is due to their

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