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The 7 Best Tasting Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder Options (2023)

Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

Let’s be honest, consistently striving for your fitness goals and sticking to your everyday boring diet is hard. But what if I told you there is a way to make your diet packed with MORE nutrition and delicious flavor? What if I told you can satisfy your taste buds and achieve your fitness goals at the same time? Introducing vegan vanilla protein powder.

It’s the perfect fit to get the most out of our workout routine without compromising on taste. Not only is it convenient for those who have dietary requirements, but it tastes simply delicious (talking from personal experience).

However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose which vegan vanilla protein powder is right for you. In fact, most options online either don’t taste good or are filled with sugar. Luckily, we’ve done the research and rounded up the top contenders.

So, whether you’re looking for a protein powder to fuel your morning smoothie or to help build muscle after a workout, this blog post will help you find the best tasting vegan vanilla protein powder to meet your needs.

For a bonus, at the end of this article, I have made an vegan protein shake recipe that is not only healthy, but delicious and something you’ll crave every day.

But let’s start with the 7 best tasting vegan protein powder options in the market.

Best Tasting Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder  

These are the best tasting and high quality vegan vanilla protein powders that are a cheat code in your fitness journey. They taste AMAZING and are very beneficial for your health.

We have done our research and considered things like brand recognition, ingredients, and reviews to rate the top 7 best tasting vegan vanilla protein powders.

  1. KOS Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla
  2. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Vanilla Powder
  3. Orgain Organic Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla Bean
  4. Naked Vanilla Pea Protein Isolate
  5. Vega Protein and Greens Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla 
  6. Iron Vegan – Athlete’s Gainer Vanilla
  7. Naked Mass Vanilla Vegan Weight Gainer

1. KOS Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla

KOS Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla

Let’s start with the best! KOS is widely known and trusted brand for it’s award winning formula that not only provides delicious taste but is also extremely healthy.

With 20 grams of quality protein sourced from peas, flax seeds, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds, it contains all nine essential amino acids. This unique protein blend promotes muscle growth and efficient recovery so you’re back in the gym stronger!

It doesn’t end here. KOS vegan protein powder contains only 160 calories per serve with soluble fiber, keeping you full for a longer time frame. This is important for those trying to lose weight since you won’t feel hungry, and your hands will be away from those high calorie snacks.

A lot protein supplements online may taste good and also have countless benefits. But only a few have digestion support. This protein supplement is supported by DigeSEB which is digestive enzyme blend that maximises absorption.

What about the taste? Infused with organic vanilla, coconut milk, and Himalayan salt, KOS vegan protein powder is purely delicious. And don’t take my word for it. It has countless reviews on amazon and ranked as the best tasting vegan protein powder by Healthline.

Follow my protein shake recipe at the end of this article and enjoy. It’s almost like a cheat meal but is healthy and packed with nutrients.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (37 grams)

Protein20 grams
Carbohydrates8 grams
Fats6 grams
Added Sugar2

2. Garden of Life Vanilla Protein Powder

Garden of Life Vanilla Protein Powder

At number two one our list we have the Garden Of life vegan vanilla protein powder. With a smooth and creamy texture, include it into your smoothies or pancakes and enjoy the taste.

The name says it all. It implies the use of natural ingredients, sourcing its protein from organic peas, organic sprouted grains, seeds and legume with additional vitamins to promote digestion.

Containing 22 grams of COMPLETE protein with all nine essential amino acids and 4 grams of BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids), this is BEST for muscle growth and enhanced recovery.

In fact, this Garden of Life protein supplement are made at low temperatures that preserve its amino acid integrity. Essentially, maximising quality ingredient usage and providing best possible protein quality.

It contains, 13 digestive enzymes for efficient absorption. After all, no one wants to sit on the toilet after a protein shake.

With only 130 calories and 0 grams of sugar, this vegan protein is one of the best for people on a calorie deficit or weight loss. So, whether you’re on a weight loss diet or want to build muscle, you can always enjoy the journey with some quality vegan vanilla protein powder.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (31 grams)

Protein22 grams
Carbohydrates4 grams
Fats3 grams
Added Sugar0

3.Orgain Organic Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla Bean

Orgain Organic Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla Bean

If you’re looking to gain muscle while enjoying an ice-cold vanilla protein shake, this pure vegan protein powder is for you!

Orgain is one of the most popular protein supplement brands and known for its high quality and beautiful flavor. Its vanilla protein powder being one of its BEST!

With 21 grams made from a unique protein blend sourced from pea, brown rice, chia seeds, it contains high-quality amino acids essential for building muscle.

The best part about Orgain is that it is completely natural and contains all natural flavors. In fact, it is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, soy free, no artificial ingredients, and has 0 added sugar.

Is it good for weight loss? Absolutely! With only 150 calories per serve, low net carbs, and 3 grams of fiber, this can be added to any weight loss diet. It’s packed with nutrients, extremely filling, and tastes brilliant so you won’t be searching for some snacks in between your meals.

It’s best for both pre and post workout meals that will help fuel energy and maximise your performance.

Now, there are mixed reviews regarding the taste for this however I personally find this the best for making pancakes, muffins, brownies, or cookies.

In fact, stay tuned for the end of this article because I will be guiding you through to my FAVOURITE protein shake recipe. It’s almost like a cheat meal but supper healthy and delicious.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (46 grams)

Protein21 grams
Carbohydrates15 grams
Fats4 grams
Added Sugar0

4.Naked Vanilla Pea Protein Isolate

Naked Vanilla Pea Protein Isolate

I’m sure you’ve heard of Naked Nutrition. In fact, it is one of the most POPULAR fitness supplement brands online for one reason. Quality.

Naked Nutrition vegan vanilla protein powder is one popular option. Not only does it taste amazing, but it contains only three ingredients which makes this protein powder stand out.

With 25 grams of protein sourced from yellow peas it will give you the best muscle building results. It also contains 5.6 grams of BCAA’s that are essential for building and repairing muscles after your workout.

However, the downside to pea protein powder is that it is low in one essential amino acid which is methionine. However, this can easily be sourced through foods like eggs, fish, or brown rice.

Pea protein powders are one of the best types since they are rich in iron and is easily digested making it a suitable choice for everyone. The are also used in many weights’ loss diets or maintenance diet.

With only 140 calories and 8 grams of carbs, it will help maintain a clean diet and will keep you full for a longer period. The protein taste comes from the organic coconut sugar and natural vanilla flavor.

It contains no artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Soy Free and Gluten-Free. However, it does have 3 grams of added sugar.

Apart from this, this vegan vanilla protein powder ticks all my requirements and comes fourth on my list.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (37 grams)

Protein25 grams
Carbohydrates8 grams
Fats2.5 grams
Added Sugar3

5.Vega Protein and Greens Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla 

Vega Protein and Greens Vegan Protein Powder Vanilla

Vega vanilla plant based protein is comes fifth on my list. And it’s not just the packaging that’s good, the protein and taste is what stands out to everyone.

Made with 20 grams of plant based protein sourced from peas and brown rice, it will help you build muscle and recovery after your workout.

Containing all nine essential amino acids making this a complete protein and one of the best vegan vanilla protein options in the market.

Packed with nutrition and green vegetables including organic spinach kale, organic alfalfa, and broccoli makes this suitable for any weight loss diet. It contains only 120 calories per serve with no added sugar with 1 gram of fiber per serve.  

What about the taste? Well, you might think that these vegetables make it taste bad however it’s that’s not the case. It tastes, amazing and fits right into your morning smoothie. In fact, this option is rated as one of the top protein powders of 2023 on the Forbes health website.

So, have this between meals, before, or after your workout, you will be making a healthier choice by including Vega Vanilla protein powder into your everyday diet.

If this option is not available, you can go for the VEGA – SPORTS PREIMUM which equally as good.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoops (30 grams)

Protein25 grams
Carbohydrates8 grams
Fats2.5 grams
Added Sugar3

Best Tasting High Calorie Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder

If gaining muscle or weight is your primary goal, then the below two vegan vanilla protein options are just for you.

However, bulking is a stage where people can go extremely wrong. This is because most people don’t track their calories and go for a dirty bulk approach.

When you’re bulking, experts suggest that 45 – 60% of you’re calories should be sourced through carbs, 30-35% should be sourced through protein and 20 – 30% should be sourced through fats.

This is mainly because carbs is what gives you the energy to train harder while protein give you essential amino acids that your muscles need to repair and grow.

You also must be careful with what types of carbs and fats you’re having. We’ll talk a little more about this later in the article.

For now, lets have a look at the best vegan vanilla high calorie protein powder options that are both high in protein content and complex carbohydrates.

1. Iron Vegan – Athlete’s Gainer Vanilla

Iron Vegan - Athlete's Gainer Vanilla

One of the best high calorie protein powder options that is completely vegan and has a delicious vanilla taste.

With 720 calories consisting of 120 grams of carbs and 42 grams of protein, it gives you that burst of energy you need to increase muscle while also help during the recovery process.

In fact, it has a 2.85:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio and 8 grams of fat which helps you increase muscle mass but will limit fat increase. Trust me, your cutting phase will be MUCH easier since you will have controlled amount of fat.  

It also contains fruit concentrates, plant oils, and sprouted grains and seeds.

The protein is sourced through pea protein isolate (highest quality pea protein option) and brown rice providing you with a complete amino acid profile, maximizing performance, and muscle growth.

A lot of mass gainers cause digestive problems and stomach discomfort however Iron Vegan Athletes Gainer has 12 grams of fiber and helps with digestion. To make it even better, it contains only 1 gram of sugar.

What about the taste? Now, I’ll be honest, the taste isn’t the best compared to the others on the list however the quality is amazing. That’s why I recommend you follow the recipe that I have made for you guy at the bottom of this article.

This mass gainer is reliable since it is tested for banned substances.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (190 grams)

Protein42 grams
Carbohydrates120 grams
Fats8 grams
Added Sugar1

2. Naked Mass Vanilla Vegan Weight Gainer

Yes, Naked Nutrition again. Its quality speaks for itself. This mass gainer option will help during your bulking diet.

With 50 grams of protein and 248 grams of carbs, this option will make bulking up so much easier. It also has 10.3 grams of BCAA’s which help in muscle growth and recovery. It also contains 4 grams of fat.

Combining organic brown rice, pea protein, and tapioca maltodextrin, it provides a clean source of protein and premium complex carbs. 

So, if you’re like me and hate cooking, then this is a great supplement.

But wait, there is more. The vanilla taste comes form natural vanilla flavor and contains NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It’s also GMO Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free. So, if you do have any dietary restrictions, I hope this option satisfies them all.

The downside of this option is that it is high in the sugar content for the both the vanilla and chocolate option. However, Naked Nutrition also have an unflavored option that is much less in the sugar content. The unflavored option is versatile so you can mix it in your smoothies or even bake a cake!

If you do have sugar issues, I wouldn’t recommend this option.

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 4 scoops (315 grams)

Protein50 grams
Carbohydrates245 grams
Fats4 grams
Added Sugar37 grams (0 added sugar in the unflavoured Option)

How We Chose the Best Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder?

Before we made our list, we went searching! We had a few things in mind that will help us make the best vegan vanilla protein powder list.

1. Protein Content

This is an obvious one. After all, you are looking for the best quality protein.

Vegan protein powders are made from, peas, brown rice, soy, nuts, grains beans etc. However, it’s important to note that you get a complete amino acid profile.

What do I mean by this? Well, our body naturally makes hundreds of amino acids. In fact, your body is probably making some as you read this article. However, your body is not able to make nine essential amino acids (EAA’s). These are:

  • Histidine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

These must be sourced through foods. Now, although with a proper diet plan, it’s easy to source your protein when on a vegan diet. However, unlike a non-vegetarian diet, there might be foods that have low protein or are missing one or more of these EAA’s.

These are called INCOMPLETE protein. Examples include:

  • Whole grains
  • Legumes, Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Spinach 

So, on a vegan diet, have variety. Eat plenty of beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains to get all nine essential amino acids.

On the protein powder list above, you would notice that most options have a combination protein sources. That way, you get all nine essential amino acids and can maximize you muscle growth and recovery!

2.Carbs & Fats

Another thing to note is the carbs and fat content.

Whether your bulking, cutting, or maintaining, it’s always important to note how many carbs and fats you’re consuming. But more importantly why type of carbs and fats.

You see, there are two types of carbs. Complex and simple. The difference is that complex carbs are digested at a slower rate and slowly release glucose into the bloodstream steadily.

On the other hand, simple carbs get digested quickly, causing rapid spikes in your blood sugar and will make you feel hungry sooner. These carbs are generally found in processed or fast foods like pizza, burger etc.

If you’re performing a dirty bulk, you often eat these processed or fast foods a lot and it can get out of control because you would have no idea when to stop the bulking phase.

The other is fats. There are also two types. Saturated and unsaturated fats. You must limit your consumption of saturated fats as they can cause serious health issues.

We have taken note of these factors when making the list of the best tasting vegan vanilla protein powders.

3. Avoid Sugar/Artificial Flavors

As a gym enthusiast, the conversation about diet is generally related to tracking our macros. We normally discuss our protein, fats, and carbohydrate intake. However, we completely forget about our sugar intake.

A lot of protein powders are extremely high in sugar. And maybe they do taste good, but is it worth it?

According to research, adult women can have about 24 grams of sugar whereas an average male can have about 36 grams of sugar per day.

If you’re bulking, then you can have a little more up to 25 tsp.

Too much sugar is directly correlated to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. So, don’t forget that buying a protein powder is to IMPROVE your health and wellbeing, not to harm it!

Another thing is artificial flavors and sweeteners.  Artificial sweeteners are okay but generally should be avoided. There is a lot of debate about this however, I would recommend staying away from them as much as possible.

When choosing our list, we have taken this into account.

4. Taste

After our thorough research, these were our personal favorite best tasting vanilla protein powder. Afterall, no one will consistently consume a protein powder if they don’t like the taste, right?

Be sure to check the reviews for yourself to see if it’s right for you. However, I do believe these are the best options we can provide you with.

We also have put together a recipe as bonus at the end of this article. Be sure to follow that and enjoy!

5. Price

Let’s admit it, no one wants to pay a fortune for a protein supplement. The above protein supplements are ones we found affordable and worth your money.

Each one is quality protein and filled with high nutritious values.

Please be sure NOT to go for a cheap option. Quality must be your priority!

Safety of Vegan Protein Powders

Protein powder are one of the most popular and researched supplements. So, generally, they are safe, even when it comes to vegan protein powders.

However, people are getting concerned about heavy metals found in plan-based protein powders.

Research does suggest that amounts of heavy metals found in plan-based protein supplements are low to cause harmful effects when taking 1-2 servings per day.

Try to go for protein supplements that are tested and are from highly trusted brands.

Bonus #1: "Berry Berry Boom!" - Protein Shake Vegan Version

Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder Smoothie
  • Step 1 - Ingredients

    Protein Powder, Vegan Peanut Butter, Oats, Frozen Berries, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Banana, and Almon Milk

  • Step 2 - Amount

    1 scoop protein powder, 25 grams oats, 1/2 cup berries, 1 tablespoon hemp seeds, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1 banana, 1 cup almond milk.

  • Step 3 - Blend

    Blend it!

  • Step 4 - Enjoy!

    Enjoy! Play around with the number of berries or milk. I hope you like it! Let us know your favorite protein recipe.

This delicious vegan vanilla protein shake has 40g of protein, 63g of carbs, and 13.5 grams of fat.

Bonus #2: "Berry Berry Boom!" - Protein Shake Vegan Version

Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder Pancake.
  • Step 1 - Ingredients

    All-Purpose Flour, Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder, Baking Powder, 1 cup almond milk, Salt, Sugar

  • Step 2 - Amount

    1 cup All-Purpose Flour, 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder (25 grams), 1 tbsp baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 2 tbsp sugar (or sweetener of your choice), 1 cup almond milk.

  • Step 3 - Mix

    With a large bowl, mix flour, protein powder, baking powder, salt, sugar, and vegan batter. Mix well making sure no clumps.

  • Step 4 - Almond Milk

    Get your almond milk, or any plant-based milk you have, and stir 1 cup. Your mixture should be thick but if needed, you can always add more milk.

  • Step 5 - Cooking Time!

    Heat the pan at a medium - low heat. Use a bit of cooking spray or a non-stick pan if available. Add 1/4 cup batter onto the pan.

  • Step 6 - Stop Cooking

    Cook until you see bubbles on the edge of each pancake. Flip and cook for another minute.

  • Step 7 - Toppings!

    Add your favourite toppings. Berries, bananas, maple syrup, vanilla ice - cream.

  • Step 8 - Enjoy

    Enjoy the taste! High nutritious, delicious, and almost like a cheat meal. Who said eating healthy was hard?

This delicious vegan vanilla protein powder pancake has 34g of protein, 70 grams of carbs, and 4.5 grams of fat.

Key Takeaway

You can always enjoy being healthy. It doesn’t have to be green vegetables and tasteless salads. It can be a delicious protein smoothie with a hint of vanilla. This article is especially for those who have dietary requirements and are on a vegan diet.

We hope you like our top 7 best tasting vegan vanilla protein powder options.

As always, stay fit and stay healthy. I will see you guys’ next week!

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