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Best Weight lifting Straps – Your Complete Guideline (2022)

Best Weight Lifting Straps

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Weight lifting straps can enhance your workout by providing you with more stability and support when you’re lifting weights. It allows you to hold on to heavier weights and overload the major muscle groups without the risk of injuring yourself. How?

These simple straps help keep your hands from slipping as you lift the weights, increasing the amount of weight you can lift SECURELY. The last thing you want is an injury to occur and put a pause in your training.

Weight lifting straps are an extremely handy addition to any weightlifting workout routine, especially if you have grip issues or are looking to focus on your grip strength.

Using these will make your work out more efficient and effective, helping you surpass your maximal capacity and beat your records.

But which one do you go for? Which weight lifting straps are the best? After considering factors like comfort, durability, length, and material, we have put together the top 8 best weight lifting straps on the market today.

Let’s look at each one in more detail!

The Best Weight lifting Straps On The Market!

Weight lifting straps are a small but necessary tool to help ensure that you can keep your grip and remain in control of your weight. The last thing you want is to drop or slipping the weight on yourself which can cause serious injuries.

If you want maximum gains and safety when it comes to training, make sure to get some weight lifting straps as soon as possible.

Now there are so many options out there, so which one should you go for?

After performing our research looking at important factors like comfort, durability, length, material, and appropriate pricing, we have provided a short list of the best weight lifting straps you could find online.

So, let’s dive right in!

  1. Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps
  2. HarderWill Olympic Barbell Clamps and Lifting Straps Set
  3. Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps
  4. RIMSports Weightlifting Straps
  5. Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps
  6. ihuan Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting – 21” Lifting Straps
  7. Grizzly Fitness Leather Lifting Wrist Straps
  8. Iron Infidel Weight Lifting Straps

1. Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

The goal of most people at the gym is to build bigger muscles. This requires increasing your loading volume to get maximum results. For this reason, you need the Harbinger padded cotton lifting straps. With the cushioning and support they provide, you can do one or two extra reps. This can create a large difference, especially when lifting heavier weights. This weight lifting strap can also help you get through the final repetitions, which are crucial for muscle hypertrophy.

Let’s talk a little more about cushion. The NeoTek pads cushions the wrists during your heavy sets and allows you to focus more on lifting weights rather than the pain or fatigue you feel when your grip the bar.

With the proper cushioning it provides, it also has a width of 1.5 inches which increases contact on the grip surface, resulting in less grip fatigue.

The length of this straps can reach 21.5 inches, making them ideal for wrapping around the barbell.

Now weight lifting straps made from cotton often stretch over time and aren’t as durable. However, the heavy duty stitching in this product increases the durability and will last longer than other cotton straps.

The best part about this pair is the affordable price. If you’ve had any doubts about buying this pair, the relatively low price should make up your mind.

AffordableThinner than others
DurableMay slip if you’re hands are sweaty
NeoTek pads cushions

2. HarderWill Olympic Barbell Clamps and Lifting Straps Set

HarderWill Olympic Barbell Clamps and Weight Lifting Straps Set

The weight lifting strap from HarderWill offers support and comfort when doing heavy weight lifting. The straps also come with extra material to help you circle around the bar.

The weight lifting straps provides quality cushion and will increase your grip support to allow you to lift more.

What exercises can you use these straps for? Pretty much any! From deadlifts to dumbbell to even rows, these weight lifting straps are perfect!

The best part is the additional items that come with it.

You will get a barbell jack. This will allow you to set the weight plates of the bar in the perfect spot, so they don’t roll away. While you may not see the usefulness of this feature with regular weights, adding more load to your bar will demonstrate just how handy this feature can be.

To keep the plates in place, you also get 2-inch barbell collars or weight clips. All these tools come in a carrying bag to make it easier to get them to and from the gym.

This is a one-time expense providing almost everything you need for weightlifting. Let’s recap the things included:

  1. Portable Deadlift Jack
  2. Barbell Collar
  3. Cushioned Weightlifting Strap
  4. Carry bag

Once again, this product comes with a refund policy that extends to 30 days. During this time, you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

ComfortableComplaints about collar
Value for money

3. Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps

Rip Toned Lifting Wrist Straps

Rip-toned lifting wrist strap is an affordable pair that makes lifting weight easier and more comfortable. Using this cotton strap, you can wrap the barbell multiple times as it has a length of 23.5 inches, which provides security and prevents slips. It also comes with a neoprene wrist support for improved comfort and security.

You can wash these weight lifting straps in the washing machine or by hand. Like the previous brand, rip toned offers a money-back guarantee to ensure every client is completely satisfied.

The cotton material allows for the strap to absorbs moisture which means that the grip won’t get affected even with sweaty hands. It also has a one loop design which provides a good grip support which is important to avoid injuries as it prevents the bar from slipping.

These weight lifting straps are highly trusted and were used by 2014 World Champion Powerlifter Kevin Weiss. Why? With reinforced stitching and flexible material that requires no break-in, these straps are long lasting, safe, and comfortable for the skin.

With the Neoprene Soft Tech padding, this will prevent any bruises or blisters forming on your wrists while you’re working out. So instead of focusing on the pain on your wrists because of these straps, focus on lifting that extra weight or doing that last rep.

Good lengthColor can get dirty really quick
VERY durableMay take time to break in
Neoprene wrist support

4. RIMSports Weightlifting Straps

RIMSports Weight lifting Straps

The unique thing about this pair of weight lifting straps is the structure. The manufacturers decided to opt for a thicker wrist wrap to provide extra padding. You will also notice better support when doing pulling exercises.

Unlike many other weight lifting straps, this one offers a more powerful grip made with strong double-sided stitching and industrial grade padding.

This double padding on the straps will allow you to shift the weight from your palms to your wrists causing less grip fatigue. This will help you reach your full potential and focus more on lifting weights and your form.

Moreover, the strap is lined with a silicone grip material, allowing it to serve as an anti-slip agent. Some reviewers on Amazon noted that the silicone side is on the wrong side (i.e., it should’ve been placed toward the skin).

Nevertheless, this product has other essential materials used like neoprene and cotton to make your workout more comfortable, safe, and effective!

Many weight lifting straps you see on the market will be better for either overhand or underhand grip. This is good for both, which means you could perform almost every exercise with these on. Weather it be pull ups, chin ups, deadlifts, or power lifts.

Double padding for comfortSome complaints on comfort
Improved supportMay not be optimal for heavy lifting
Durable – double stitched

5. Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps

Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps

Gymreapers wrist straps are among the best weight lifting straps on the market. They excel in comfort, support, and affordability. Using this strap allows you to perform better with most weightlifting exercises, including barbell row.

To make Gymreapers wrist straps extra comfy, the designers added a neoprene padding around the wrist. Additionally, an 18-inch durable cotton blend fabric strap makes it extremely secure and supportive of the bar.

This increased length allows you to wrap the bar 2-3 times, which decreases the chance for the bar to slip and cause injuries.

It has great grip support allowing you to lift more weight and reach your maximum potential. The material is made from cotton which less lasting than other materials however this is double stitched providing more durability and value for money.

This pair of weight lifting straps comes in different colors.

Why should you trust this brand? These weight lifting straps, according to Gymreapers, are “endorsed by world record holding powerlifters, IFBB pro athletes, and world known trainers”

Guess what? They also have a lifetime guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with their product. This is perfect for our hesitant readers who want to try this weight lifting strap.

This must be in your gym bag and is known to “last through the toughest training sessions”. So beat your new PR with these amazing quality weight lifting straps.     

Added neoprene paddingMay stretch over time.
Increased Length – wrap the bar 2-3 times


6. ihuan Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting

ihuan Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting

These weight lifting straps, made with cotton material, will provide you with comfort and safety while performing your workout.

With the 21-inch increased length, you will be able to wrap the bar 2 times which provides more grip on the bar, preventing slipping accidents. It also a width of 1.4 inches which increase contact on the contact surface, allowing more grip to help you maximize your gains!

With the cotton material used as well as the 8.2-inch padding combined prevents the straps from digging into your skin when performing your heavy sets. These padding cushions are made from a reliable material neoprene.

If you want to look for a durable material, you might want to go for nylon or even leather. Cotton tends to stretch out over time and isn’t the best in terms of durability. However, this is made of heavy-duty polypropylene, and double walking lines which makes these long-lasting pairs of weight lifting straps.

The best part is that you can use these for almost every exercise. Works well with all: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells. Go for your PR in deadlifting, rows, squats and focus on lifting heavy without any grip fatigue and beat your records!

If you have any problems with the product, ihuan has a 100% refund policy or they will send a brand-new pair of weight lifting straps.

Increased GripSome complaints about the length
8.2-inch padding – more comfort
Good length to wrap the bar – More secure

7. Grizzly Fitness Leather Lifting Wrist Straps

Grizzly Fitness Leather Lifting Wrist Straps

Let’s introduce one of the best weight lifting straps made from leather.

These weight lifting straps are made from thick, soft and genuine leather to provide support, durability, and comfort throughout your exercise. Like other weight lifting straps, this one won’t dig into your skin as much however it does take time for it to break in.

The length of this is 20.5 inches which is large enough to wrap around the bar securely. It also has a width of 1.5 inches which provides a necessary grip when holding the bar.

Why trust this? Well according to Grizzly Fitness, these weight lifting straps are “used by professional body builders” because they provide increased grip and less chances for slipping accidents to occur.

It is also double stitched to decrease stretching over time and increase its durability.

Like most leather material weight lifting straps, this will also take time to break it. Give it a few sessions.

DurableTime to break in
Increased gripDoesn’t absorb sweat
Looks nice!

8. Iron Infidel Weight Lifting Straps

Iron Infidel Weight Lifting Straps

We have mentioned weight lifting straps made from cotton and leather, but what about nylon?

These weight lifting straps are made from high quality nylon material and is known for its for its strength and durability. Now, compared to cotton, nylon isn’t as comfortable so I would recommend going with the cotton options if you have sensitive skin.

Let’s talk a little more about the durability. Made from synthetic material, it gives a more durable feeling when you are lifting heavy weights. It has double stitching to ensure more protection and less chances of bar slipping and causing injuries.

The strap will take a few gym workouts for it to break in.

One more downfall with this product is that it won’t absorb sweat. In fact, nylon material generally doesn’t absorb moisture.

Increased strength and durabilityDoesn’t absorb sweat
Secure – double stitchedNot very comfortable

What Should You Look For In Weight Lifting Straps?

When it comes to weight lifting straps, they’re not exactly rocket science. But there are a ton of options out there and it can be difficult to figure out which pair will work best for you.

There are several factors to consider when buying a weight lifting strap.

  1. Comfort
  2. Durability
  3. No Slip
  4. Length
  5. Material
  6. Price

Finally, the price tag plays an important role. Opt for the ones that are affordable but have good quality.

Let’s look at these key factors in a little more detail!


You’re probably here to find the best weight lifting straps to lift more weight. But you won’t be able to if the strap itself isn’t comfortable.

It can be uncomfortable wearing a weight lifting strap if it’s not made from the right material and will dig into your wrist, which is not ideal during the workout. The wrong material on a weight lifting strap can also cause unnecessary pain.


Since you’re going to be using weight lifting straps during a lot of your gym sessions, durability becomes a factor here. Now don’t expect these straps to last a lifetime, but they should hold up well.

Look for straps that won’t get damaged or over stretched or become slippery after a few workouts. The stitching should be strong and secure, allowing you to lift heavy weights without worrying about your strap coming undone or breaking down.

No Slip

Some weight lifting straps can cause slippage during exercise. If you are using weight lifting straps, you are probably dealing with a large sum of weight. So, you need one that doesn’t slip to prevent serious injuries from occurring.

Choose one with good material and will have enough friction around your skin and is tight on your wrist. Additionally, choose a weight lifting strap that grips properly onto the bar tightly to reduce chances of slippage.

The best straps are available in different sizes to accommodate all types of bars. Make sure you buy one that suits the width of your current bars.


Weight lifting straps have various length and the right one depends on you. A weight lifting strap that is too long will be uncomfortable and one that is too small will simply not work.

Chose is size adjustable so that it is tight on your wrist and can easily be put on the bar. You don’t want one that weight lifting strap that is too long will drag on the floor.

So, choose one that is perfect for you.


You’d want to look for weight lifting straps that are affordable and is off high quality. However, finding a quality strap that has the right price can be difficult.

The quality of these straps can vary dramatically and sometimes it is hard to tell how much of a difference it will make in your workout.

Choose one that fits your requirements. Get one that is durable, has comfort, isn’t going to slip and has great material.

The real question is price or quality? Price does matter however this is a one-time expense, so you’re better of going with one that maybe be a little more expensive but has high quality.

The Best Material for Weight lifting Straps

Weight lifting straps
It is very important to get weight lifting straps that are fulfill your requirements! Here are the materials that your need to consider.

Different weight lifting straps have different material, and you need to make sure you know these materials so you can choose which is best for you.

Having a sturdy material means your straps will last longer and provide more comfort during your workout. High-quality straps won’t leave red marks on your wrists or break easily when you put pressure on them.

There are three different types of materials, each with different purpose.

Cotton – This material provides the most comfort around your skin. It won’t dig in or leave and marks, allowing you to lift more and focus on your form rather than the strap.

So, what’s the problem with using cotton? The only downside of using cotton is that won’t last if other materials. It will stretch over time.

Having said this, it provides great comfort and is very effective when it comes to absorbing sweat.

Nylon – If we are taking about efficiency and durability, nothing tops nylon. In fact, majority of Olympic lifters use weight lifting straps made from nylon. Why? Because it provides great grip and allows you to lift much more weight without the risk of it stretching.

Nylon straps are generally more expensive however they are durable and last much longer. In my opinion, they are lot more cost effective than both cotton and leather straps.

The main disadvantage of using nylon is, unlike cotton, it doesn’t absorb sweat and isn’t as comfortable as cotton.

Leather – Weight lifting straps with this material will provide the most stability and are fairly comfortable.

The problem with the material is that they don’t absorb sweat like cotton does however they are very durable and will last a long time.

Also consider that it will require time for you to break in the leather.

Benefits of Weight Lifting Straps

So why on earth would you need lifting straps in the first place? Well, apart from it looking really cool, there are actually a lot of benefits of wearing these straps. Especially if you are really into weight lifting.

1. Reduce grip fatigue

Throughout your workout, you may have noticed loss of grip strength or pain when lifting. This will impact on how much you are able to lift and hence by using something as simple has weight lifting might be beneficial.

It will allow you to lift more comfortably and reach your true potentials.

2. More Wrist Support

There is always a risk of injury when you are lifting heavy. For example, messing up your form. Another example are your wrists. Weight lifting straps keeps your wrist aligned with the bar and prevents you from dropping the bar.

3. Maximizes your gains

With both benefits above, you will be able to lift more than you could have imagined. What does this mean? You reach your full potential. In fact, all bodybuilders or weight lifters wear these straps to lift more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you get regarding weight lifting straps and the answers to these questions.

What is the difference between lifting straps and wrist wraps?

People often get confused between the two. Weight lifting straps are those that go around your wrists and loop onto the bar as well. Wrist wraps are those that go around your wrists only and don’t have any extra tail strap to go around the bar.

How do you put on weight lifting straps?

If you are confused of how to use these straps, here is a short and simple video to help you. Note that there are different weight lifting straps out there and each of them might have a different way of using them.

When should you start to use these weight lifting straps?

You want to start to use weight lifting straps once grip becomes the limiting factor. What do I mean by this? When you are performing dead lifts, for example, and you can’t lift more because of the lack of grip strength, that’s when you start to use them.

Having said that, when people start to use lifting straps, they tend to ignore the need to strengthen their grip because the straps provide that increase in grip strength.

While using these straps, you also need to perform exercises to improve grip strength.

Takeaway message

Purchasing a good weightlifting strap can offer you a lot of benefits when during your weight training. Make sure you look at the key factors mentioned in this article before you go to purchase the product. The products mentioned in this article are off high quality, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to search for the best weight lifting straps.

We hope that this article helped you appreciate the potential benefits of a weightlifting strap and how it can take your performance to the next level.

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