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Biscuit Calories and 4 Facts to Know Before Eating One

Biscuit Calories

Biscuits are undoubtedly one of the tastiest snacks but are they healthy? And how many calories are there in one single biscuit?

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How many calories are there in a biscuit?

Well this depends on the biscuit you’re having. Generally speaking, a biscuit can have calories ranging from 30 – 300 calories or even more. For example, a single Oreo biscuit contains roughly 50 calories and a single Tim Tam biscuit contains about 100 calories. The most popular biscuit is definitely a chocolate chip cookie and that, depending on the size and brand, contains 200 – 300 calories (large size). Isn’t that so crazy? But on average one single biscuit contains about 90 calories. Again this various with the type of biscuit.

Having a single biscuit every once in a while is definitely not bad for your health however, biscuits are one of those foods that once you have one you are going to be tempted to have more. That’s where the problem starts. For instance, you eat 4 biscuits that contain 50 calories each, that is 200 calories consumed in one sitting! Not to mention consuming two large chocolate chip cookies, that would be about 450 calories!

How do I burn off these Calories From Biscuits?

If you ate 1 large Chocolate Chip Cookie that contained 200 calories that is equal to an hour of walking OR 25 minutes of jogging OR 30 minutes swimming. So if you aren’t ready to do a solid workout, try not to consume the biscuits on a daily basis.

Did you know that biscuits also have a lot of carbs in them? Keep reading to find out more!

Carbs in a biscuit

Approximately 50 percent or more of the calories in the biscuit are from carbs and although carbs are beneficial for your everyday diet, some carbs are not. Let me explain, biscuits at the supermarket are generally made from refined grains, such as white flour, which is used in almost every processed food. These refined carbs are extremely harmful for our health and here is why.

The refined carbs, not only have less nutrients, they are digested significantly fast and thus lead to quick spikes in cravings and of course blood sugar. The better option is to eat biscuits with whole wheat flour which has more fiber, vitamins and minerals then white flour.

How Much Sugar in a Biscuit

As well as refined carbs, biscuits have a lot of sugar. On average, there is approximately 30 grams of sugar per 100g of biscuits. Again this depends on the type and brand of the biscuit.  We all know that extensive consumption of sugar is extremely bad for our health. Biscuits commonly have Granulated Sugar also known as white sugar which is extremely detrimental to your health as it has been linked to obesity, heart problems as well as diabetes. Of course, having one or two biscuits every now and then won’t do you much harm but make sure you are aware of how much of this refined sugar you are taking.

If your just about to eat a biscuit and your reading this article, just hold on one second! There are healthier alternatives to biscuits! We have some ideas for you below.

Alternatives Snacks With Less Calories Than a Biscuit

If you’re looking for something that is sweet, instead of eating biscuits, how about apples with peanut butter? Cottage cheese or even veggies with hummus make an extremely tasty healthy snack! The point is there are so many healthy options that taste good and are extremely beneficial for your health. So why go for biscuits?

You may be thinking, are there healthy biscuits options? Yes! Absolutely! One popular healthy biscuit option is Mcvities Rich tea. Another one is Tesco Malted Milk. And there are a bunch more you can find online. 

So there are so many tasty snacks out there to have before you pick up that biscuit but if you’re really craving a biscuit, just remember, it doesn’t hurt once in a while!

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