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Egg Roll Calories

Egg Roll

Egg Roll Calories are probably a question that comes into your mind when wondering if you can incorporate them into your diet.

They are no doubt one of the most amazing deep-fried appetizers, but are they just as amazing for your health? 

Unfortunately… That isn’t exactly the case. 

Just because they contain egg in them they aren’t exactly beneficial for your health.

Egg Rolls are probably one of the worst foods you could have if you are trying to be healthy, not just because of its calorie content but because of the amount of sodium within one mere egg roll. 

If you’re on a diet just remember that your sodium intake is so important! Too much sodium can cause you to retain water and actually gain weight rather than lose. 

Chinese egg rolls are probably the most popular type of egg rolls and are usually made of vegetables wrapped in a dough which is then dipped in a mixture containing egg to deep fry it. 

Egg Roll

But isn’t that Healthy?

Well, unfortunately while there are vegetables within egg rolls they are wrapped in dough and deep fried making them full of both saturated and unsaturated fats. Not to mention that just one of these delicious rolls contain over 400mg of sodium. That 400mg doesn’t include the sauce we dip them in! With the recommended amount of sodium being 1500mg by the heart foundation, a mere two Egg Rolls can get you to half of your sodium maximum for the day. This can lead to higher blood pressures and various heart issues. Crazy right?!

Egg Roll

How Many Calories do Egg Rolls have?

Okay okay, so one Egg Roll contains just over 220 calories! Now let me tell you this in “burning out” terms. This one Egg Roll would be about 25 minutes of running or just over an hour of walking.

If baked or homemade, Egg Rolls can be an amazing addition to your diet!

Always remember though, one roll once in a while will never hurt you!

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