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How Many Calories in Spaghetti with Sauce


Spaghetti, one of the most popular Italian foods. I’m almost 100% sure that spaghetti Bolognese is a food that you’ve heard of or tried at least once (I mean if you haven’t what are you doing try it now!). But how many calories are in spaghetti with sauce?

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While spaghetti is an amazing cuisine, a personal favorite, is it really as good for our fitness journey as it is for our taste buds? Well, this one is a little complicated because pasta is usually high in carbs and can be pretty bad for you when eaten in large sums, however, pasta can be part of your regular diet too because of the nutrients within pasta.

What is Pasta? 

Alright let’s start with the basics, Pasta is a noodle made usually from wheat, water and eggs. However, during the process of making the pasta, some are refined which strips all the nutrients from the pasta. 

Some of the Pasta types you may have heard of are:

  • Fettuccine 
  • Spaghetti
  • Penne 
  • Ravioli

Refined Pasta is generally the most consumed pasta meaning that a lot of the nutrients within the pasta has actually been stripped during the refining process. Whole grain pasta is actually much lower in calories and higher in fiber. So if your looking for an healthier option i would go with whole grain since rather then refined.

Spaghetti with sauce
So how many calories are in spaghetti? Keep reading to find out!

So how many calories in Spaghetti with Sauce?

Now that we’ve established that pasta can actually be good for you, let’s see how many calories are in one bowl of spaghetti. 

There are just over 200 calories in one bowl of spaghetti. Obviously the calories in the sauce is depends on what type of sauce your having. The most popular are pesto, marinara, alfredo or simply you could have spaghetti with meat sauce which can brings the total calories to nearly 450 – 650 depending on the sauce your having. However, This bowl of spaghetti can be made healthy with just a few fresh vegetables and home-made sauce. 

How you can burn these calories from the Spaghetti with sauce

Now you may be wondering how you can burn off these calories. Assuming you had 550 calories by eating spaghetti with sauce, this will equal to walking for about 2 hours OR an hour of jogging OR about 90 min of swimming. So definitely enjoy this dish, however be sure to burn of the calories.

If your on a diet, I would suggest you talk to your GP or diet professional before taking spaghetti with sauce into your diet since it does contain a lot of calories.

Did you know that you can make spaghetti healthy? Keep reading to find out more!

How do I make my spaghetti healthy?

Well, there are so many ways to make amazing spaghetti that fits into your diet. The most obvious is using fresh tomato sauce with some of our favorite Italian herbs. However, there are so many spaghetti recipes out there to include all the vegetables you need to make it part of a balanced diet while taking care of your taste buds. 

In fact did you know you can actually make the most amazing spaghetti with spinach sauce? Don’t go by the name, it tastes absolutely divine. 

And remember, traditional spaghetti is never bad all the time, anything is amazing once in a while. Cheat days are so important to any diet. Also remember to consult a dietitian or your GP before you make the decision to implement any major changes to your diet.

And if you’re staring down at a spaghetti dish right now, PLEASE just eat it!

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