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The Truth About Teenage Abs

Teenage Abs

Teenage abs? Is that possible? Well, to answer the question simply, YES it is. 

Having said that, it isn’t easy, especially as a teenager when your body is still growing and developing. For some teenagers, getting a six pack isn’t as difficult as others. However, Teenage Abs are definitely possible. This is due to their involvement in various  physical activities that increases their metabolism, meaning that your body will be able to burn off its fat much faster, hence making it easier to achieve that well-defined six-pack you’ve been dreaming of. 

The ability to get abs depends on your body’s development stage as well as your genetic build in terms of metabolism. Some individuals do not have the ab muscle structure or even skin that is thin enough for the tissue of their torso to display the muscles perfectly. However, this is a fault of genetics and does not define their strength levels. 

Before we delve into the various factors involving getting those abs fast, you need to remember that a six-pack defined figure requires a very low body fat percentage. 

Okay, Enough Of All The facts, Can I Get Teenage Abs

The first and foremost thing you need to focus on when attempting to build any sort of muscle is your eating habits! Yes, unfortunately diet matters. 

Sometimes, I think back to when I was younger and forever stayed the same size no matter what I ate and drank but unfortunately as we grow and develop, our hormones change and our appetites increase. Most teenagers forget to consider their diet when considering their body goal of teenage abs. In order to gain muscle a high protein and iron diet is essential. 

I’m not saying to COMPLETELY avoid junk food. An occasional burger will not harm you however, if you really want to get those abs it’s important to REDUCE your consumption of junk food and instead try to increase protein and iron consumption with things like brown rice, steak, vegies, chicken breast, beans, eggs etc.

Healthy diets are no doubt an amazing step towards achieving your dream body however, to get that defined look you are going for you must do fat burning and ab exercises. If you love sports you are already a step ahead to achieving that goal. If you don’t play specific sports however, I suggest you involve yourself in some sort of physical fat burning activity. A walk or even a jog can go a long way to get started towards achieving that goal. 

Note that men get 6 pack defined abs with a body fat of 6-9% and women can get those defined abs with 16-19% so it is crucial that you exercise to burn that bit of excess fat. 

Importance of Hydration

One last thing that most teenagers tend to overlook is their sleep cycle and consumption of water. Make sure to  KEEP YOURSELF HYDRATED. Instead of drinking sugary drinks, soda, juice etc, drink water (I like to put in chia seeds or even fresh strawberries to make it refreshing to drink). 

Teenage Abs

I already diet. Why am I not getting a six pack?

Remember that just diet or just exercise will not get you those abs that you have been dreaming of. You must diet as well as exercise to get that abdominal definition. 

We have some wonderful advice on particular diets here. However, we suggest that you seek your doctor before you begin any sort of weight loss program 

Secondly, everybody is amazing no matter their size so do not let not having abs be an insecurity for you. If you have an eating disorder please let someone know and talk to a psychologist because you are not alone!

Lastly, Abs or not you are amazing but if you do want those Teenage abs remember to be consistent with your diets and your workouts and trust me you will see a difference! 

Good Luck!

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