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Thigh Gap

Though body positivity has definitely been increasing , thigh gaps have definitely been the trending “ideal body type” from 2012. The concept started to become popular because of an aired Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Now 9 years later, the continual increase in social media usage has kept that concept a popular trend alongside hourglass figures. 

With the various tik tok trends and Instagram hashtags (there are over 102 000 posts dedicated to thigh gaps), as well as the large volume of YouTube videos titled “get a thigh gap in 7 days” , chances are you’ve been pulled into this trend too. 

While many websites will tell you that by lowering your body fat percentage, you can get a thigh gap, this is so far from the truth! Reducing body fat percentage to that extent can be dangerous and cause other health issues like eating disorders.

What Even Causes a Thigh Gap?

Now the first thing we have to understand is that inner thigh fat is a natural phenomenon (alike cellulite). In fact only about 5% of women have a natural thigh gap!

A thigh gap is a result of bone structure rather than body fat percentage. Did you know that some individuals that are a size 0 don’t have a thigh gap. Dr Rowe, a surgeon in New York states that “the size of someone’s thigh is determined not by fat but by muscle.

In fact according to Dr Travis Stork the thigh gap is a “purely genetic phenomenon” based completely off bone structure. 

Thigh gaps

Are Thigh Gaps Even Attractive?

Okay, first of all, you are gorgeous as you are! And while thigh gaps may look aesthetically pleasing, people don’t usually mind whether there is a gap between your thighs! A survey done on men showed that 70% of them noticed a woman’s eyes and a smile first!

Let’s have a quick look at the statistics of our societies pressure on women in regards to their size. According to the Body Centre Image over 89% of women have dieted by the age of 17  with over 59% of women within the ages 17-21 feeling like they need to lose weight. These figures are absolutely crazy to me. 

These futile social media trends are a high cause of insecurity within women. And trust me when I say that a thigh gap doesn’t impact how attractive you are.

Just remember the most attractive part about you is your confidence levels and your smile!

Are Thigh Gaps Healthy?


Now, while thigh gaps are an unhealthy trend for those attempting to achieve one, if you’re one of the women with a natural thigh gap, it is most definitely healthy and not a sign of any sort of disorder. 

People are sometimes quick to label women with a natural thigh gap as too skinny but remember, it is natural!! You literally cannot change your bone structure and whether you have that gap or not, you are absolutely gorgeous. 

Still worried about your thigh gap?

Whether you do have a thigh gap or not, a hip dip or not , it does NOT determine your worth. You are gorgeous regardless of whether you have a gap between your thighs on not. A lot of these trends could even be the result of photoshop, surgeries and extreme makeovers. 

However, if  you are still worried about the size of your thighs, while a thigh gap might not be a possibility for you, muscular thighs are just as attractive!

And fitness, we can definitely help you with so check out these amazing inner thigh workouts to get that muscular leg definition!

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